Room Decor: Taxiplushie

Misfit Menagery Raindrop

from the MisfitMenagery

When it comes to real live taxidermy, I can get a little squeamish. Once, my husband and I were vacationing in Switzerland and arrived at one of our hotels late one night. Little did we know that each of the rooms had unique themes, and after being lead through the windy paths that made up the hotel complex in the dead of night, we were presented with our “hunting” themed room. I entered the room first and let out a shriek. Animal skulls and unfinished pelts hung from every corner of the room. Not the best room choice for a vegetarian and her animal-loving husband. The hotel itself was beautiful though, so we carried on, but there was one wall in particular I could not bring myself to look at the entire stay. My husband kept commenting morbidly that the skulls reminded him of our skinny little rat terrier back at home.

So why then, do i find stuffed animal taxidermy so amusing? I mean, isn’t it still at least signifying a dead animal? It may be, but there’s something I like about markers of the upper crust, items that would be found in hunting lodges or country estates, translated into materials and brought into places we can all enjoy.

Aircreatures Giraffelephant

from Aircreatures

That’s what first drew me to faux taxidermy plushies. Years ago, we purchased a “stuffed” unicorn to mount on our walls. I can’t remember the details of the purchase or who created it, but these days, you can find plenty similar stuffed animals on etsy. MisfitMenagerie, for example, offers standard fair such as deer, goats, and rabbit heads. Aircreatures mixes it up with some made up animals like the Giraffelephant (pictured) or Mr. Dear-Moose-Stachio.

Wall Animal escape Elephant

from Good Evening

However, these taxiplushie wall hangings from Japan kick up the absurdity a notch (via Kickcans & Conkers). They revolt against their passive, humiliating position as human trophies, instead making their escape by leaping through the wall. They’d make a perfect accompaniment to the unicorn we bought, which I plan on hanging in Archie’s room (side note: We’ve been embarrassingly slow at decorating his room. Perhaps more decorating blog posts like this can kick me into gear).


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