Custom Toy Portraits Immortalize Your Child’s Companions

First Friends

First Friends by Erin Chainani

Now that Archie has his first lovie, I have a feeling that we’re only a few months away from ordering a custom portrait of Bandit. In this house, we love original artwork and we love custom paintings and photos. Previously our dogs had been the recipients of our portrait commissions (we have an oil painting of them as well as two poster size headshots of them).

Now we have Archie’s walls to adorn and there seems to be a booming toy portraiture business out there to capture our attention. First off is First Friends by Erin Chainani. These watercolor toy portraits are intimate, precious, and definitely affordable, with prices starting at $65.

Custom Toy Portrait

custom toy portraits by Jennifer Maher

Next up are custom toy portraits by Jennifer Maher. These acrylic paintings have a little more pop to them. Added bonus–she has experience painting Blabla dolls!

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